Tiny Plants – Miniature Plants For Small Spaces

Tiny Plants – Miniature Plants For Small Spaces

Somehow everything seems sweeter when it is tiny. The maxim is true with miniature plants. The fascination with very small plants spans centuries and goes far beyond today’s fairy gardens. The ancient art of bonsai is one good example of mini plants. Today there are many choices for tiny plants for interior and fantasy decor. 

Terrariums, dish and fairy gardens, and other small plant displays are wonderful additions to the home. Gardening with miniature plants is a popular hobby and lets a gardeners release some creativity. It all starts with the right container, something that will reflect the theme of the tiny garden. 

Displays with Miniature Plants

Dwarf plants have been popular choices for small spaces for generations. Bringing plants into the landscape or home can be challenging for those with tiny spaces. Very small plants allow you to enjoy Nature’s bounty without sacrificing living space. They impart charm and whimsy, while imparting creativity in the home, office, or other setting. Even a simple air plant will cleanse the air and add a natural touch. Think outside the box when considering a container. Glass, ceramic, clay, or even metal containers can house your mini plants. Just ensure plenty of drainage and use the appropriate planting medium. 

Ideas for Tiny Plants

A very common and easy small garden is the dish garden. Often populated with succulents of different varieties, it will need minimal attention. Select small succulents like Mammillaria, String of Pearls Senecio, Sedum, Echeveria, Lithops, or Baby Toes. A class terrarium filled with moss can be the accommodation of many plants that prefer moist conditions. Ferns are especially happy in such situations. Sweet flag, ivy, even Venus Flytrap are all easy plants to grow that like humid conditions. Just be careful to avoid standing water in your container as this will promote moisture gnats and fungal disease. There are many small bonsai specimens that will happily thrive in the home. Air plants can be mounted on almost anything and just need to be soaked once per week. 

DIY Tiny Garden

There are dwarf citrus, pomegranate, and many other edible plants that make great small space companions, while also providing food. There are also now many species of dwarf conifer and evergreen plants available. Dwarf Alberta Spruce and Hinoki Cypress are great options. Shadow boxes mounted on the wall make fun receptacles for the many types of air plant available. The most interesting tiny plants should be combined with plants that like the same care. Those that need moisture are together, while the arid lovers live in the same container. Similarly, watch for each plant’s lighting preferences. Check plant tags carefully for mature size, unless you plan to plant them outside when they get too large for the home.

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